The Corporate Incubator – the program for unlocking companies' new growth

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Venture Factory runs the corporate incubator program, which is ideal for companies that want to systematically develop new value propositions customers want and embed them in sustainable business models. Our corporate incubator program is based on a proven methodology developed by Strategyzer that has three main phases, including the preparation phase. In this program, corporate teams can develop, test and adapt new growth ideas. Workshops can be held online or offline and include field testing and evidence-based pitches in the final stages of the program. Your corporate team will be trained, supported and guided through the process by our expert coaches.

As stated by Strategyzer, research shows that 84% of executives think innovation is key to their growth strategy, but only 6% of those executives are satisfied with their company’s innovation performance. 7 out of 10 new products and services fall short of expectations. Our corporate incubator program builds on our expertise in business model design and various open-sourced libraries of business model patterns to design a value proposition that customers want to embed in a sustainable business model. Use our testing process and a variety of experiments to reduce the risk of your business idea and make an evidence-based investment.

We help you unlock your innovation results

Develop ideas for growth

  • We use Strategyzer’s industry-standard tools to develop ideas (Business Model Canvas, etc.)
  • Design successful business models with various open-sourced pattern libraries

Get expert coaching

  • Test and adapt your ideas in practice with the help of our dedicated team of experts
  • Leverage our coaching expertise to analyze, understand and incorporate market feedback

Systematically reduce risk

  • Test your idea using a series of business experiments
  • Gather evidence and insights to reduce risk and uncertainty

Make evidence-based decisions

  • Use multiple innovation tools to review data and evaluate ideas
  • Decide on the next steps regarding retiring, pivoting or persevering ideas based on the evidence


We can help to increase the innovation skills and capabilities of your…

How to get started

If you have innovation teams that are about to start (or have already started), we can support them. There are several possible starting points, but all of them will put you on the path to managing your innovation projects and innovation portfolio and creating a world-class innovation ecosystem.

If your company is at the very beginning of developing your innovation capability and innovation ecosystem, we can help you assess your current innovation potential and co-design a sustainable innovation ecosystem that fits best to your needs. That is certainly the right starting point for you.

Let’s innovate together.

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