International EU projects – cross-border collaborations to boost innovation

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Venture Factory was created in 2001 with the help of the EU cross-border project PhareCBC. Based on the idea of building a university incubator, we put together an idea, formed an excellent consortium of partners and succeeded in the call for tenders with an excellently prepared project. Since then, we have been fostering international cooperation and networking in the entrepreneurial and innovation ecosystem through EU projects, strengthening our knowledge, our international network and visibility, and making it easier to fulfill our mission through better services.

Venture Factory has more than 20 years of experience in EU projects. We have worked on more than 10 EU projects in lead and partner roles. Recently, we have become very selective in our choice of partners and projects, as we want to be part of the most innovative and ambitious stories that strengthen the European startup and innovation ecosystem.

We are proud of the ambassadorship of Startup Europe that we have gained through the MY-GATEWAY project.

We’d like to point out the most relevant past projects:

We are a co-founder and Slovenian member of the European Startup Network which links 31 national startup associations from all over Europe, and the Startup Europe Network, connecting 13 startup ecosystems from the CEE and Western Balkans regions.

In 2018, Venture Factory became a proud Startup Europe Ambassador, joining key influencers on a mission in the European startup ecosystem to provide information and advice and link pools of talent to promote entrepreneurship, startup creation and growth, giving them a fair chance to succeed. We connect a vast network of entrepreneurs, mentors, experts, investors and institutions to create business ties and strategic partnerships for a better tomorrow. We firmly believe in working towards a more regenerative future and helping businesses, communities and the planet with measures of sustainability and inclusivity, and we do so by partnering with visionary entrepreneurs and passionate leaders.

In addition to our experience and results, new EU projects can benefit from the added value of our expertise, promotional channels and networking links resulting from the implementation of our key programs:

If you have the same passion, we are happy to connect and collaborate.

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