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Start:up Maribor is a program for entrepreneurial breakthroughs in our university city and region, where we aim to put Maribor on the map of entrepreneur-friendly cities. The program is led by the Venture Factory university business incubator, which is an important element of the University of Maribor’s innovation ecosystem within the INNOVUM platform. It is an open platform that invites all individuals and organizations that want to contribute to the vision of developing a dynamic, entrepreneurial talent-friendly region and city.

The university city of Maribor, the metropolis of Slovenian Styria, is the second most important city in the country. It lies beneath the green Pohorje Mountains on both banks of the Drava River. The colorful city boasts rich architecture, wine-growing tradition, varied cuisine and hospitable people. In recent years, it has become increasingly recognized as a cultural, festival, sports, recreational, tourist and industrial center of the wider region and as a hub for innovative start-up entrepreneurship.


Start:up Maribor wants to support ambitious startups that are already active in Maribor or would like to join the Maribor startup community. It is aimed at anyone developing a new, innovative product with growth potential. The program for talent activation and start-ups in the wider Maribor area provides everything needed to realize entrepreneurial ideas: from premises and state-of-the-art skills to mentors and access to funding.

We want to help startups find the right business model, support them with infrastructure, the best mentors, a top-notch professional program and open the door to partnering with corporates and other private investors. All this to give them the opportunity to grow and penetrate global markets.

An important element of our support is the numerous entrepreneurial workshops, which provide an important, privileged link to the startup community and enable the acquisition of key entrepreneurial skills and connections for the successful development of the company. For several years now, the program has been organizing regular meetings of the startup community under the name Start:up Müsli.


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