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We are Venture Factory, a purpose-driven business & ecosystem-building organization.

Breakthrough innovation for achieving the SDGs

Reaching the SDGs can succeed in creating prosperity on Earth and opening new market opportunities. This requires solutions that have the power to make a difference and go beyond incremental innovation. Companies need to step up their sustainability efforts and act decisively to:

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About Venture factory

We're on a mission to empower through entrepreneurship & innovation

With a spirit of collaboration and curiosity, we support founders and companies to realize their bold visions.

We connect a vast network of entrepreneurs, mentors, experts, investors, and institutions to create business ties and strategic partnerships for a better tomorrow.

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Building startup and innovation ecosystems at all levels

On a regional level, Venture Factory is actively involved in creating the innovation ecosystem of the University of Maribor, called Innovum, and has been the University’s business incubator since 2004. We help to build new ventures – especially deep-tech spin-off companies – through strategy development, business design, and ecosystem collaboration. It enabled us to build a vibrant startup community around the Corporate Incubator program and the Startup Maribor platform. Venture Factory has successfully supported a number of corporate innovation teams, as well as several 100 startups.

On a national level, we created the Start:up Slovenia initiative, which has been connecting all the dots of the national startup scene since 2007 and has more than 10,000 members. We are focused on informing, promoting, inspiring, connecting, collaborating, and changing, thus paving the way for entrepreneurship to become integral in Slovenian society.

On an international level, we have built a strong community of startups, investors, business leaders, and other ecosystem stakeholders around the Podim conference and newly launched corporate incubator programe. It has become the leading platform for networking and learning in the CEE region. Venture Factory is an associate of The European Startup Nations Alliance (ESNA) representing Slovenia, a founding member of the Startup Europe Networks and a Startup Europe Ambassador. We co-create the European startup ecosystem. We actively participate in EU entrepreneurship and innovation projects (Horizon, Interreg,…), bringing our extensive knowledge, the power of the Podim platform and experience from the university innovation ecosystem and open-inovation-based corporate incubator programe. 


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